Summer Staff Positions

We’re hiring 2019 Summer Staff right now! Scroll through and click on the different staff categories to see the positions available.

Summer Staff Positions

The staff at Eden Village West comprise a family with one goal: to create the best summer experience for our campers. This requires a tremendous amount of energy, hard work, patience, and flexibility. The days are long and demanding.

The benefits are enormous. Do you want to make memories and friends that last a lifetime? Are you ready to eat organic, farm-fresh food all summer long? Do you love helping campers thrive and grow? Be part of our enthusiastic and caring staff family. The rewards from camp don’t end once summer is over. They continue throughout your life as you become part of a network that supports and nourishes you for many years to come.

Staff applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. We encourage you to apply now if you’re interested in working at camp. An Equal Opportunity Employer, Eden Village West provides equal opportunities without regard to race, gender, national origin, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation or veteran status.

2019 Staff Positions

Bunk Staff

Bunk Counselor

Be at the very heart of camp. Counselors care for, supervise, and live with a group of campers and are their primary caretakers. Counselors are responsible for shaping the culture of their bunk, being in tune with each camper’s individual experience, and maintaining safety at all times. Excellent communication skills and childcare experience required.


Program Specialists

Farm Village Specialist

Love educating? Love farming? This position is for you! Work with the Farm Manager to implement all educational farm programming and maintain the farm. Previous educational experience required, prior farm experience preferred.


Summer Farm Manager

Manage the Eden Village West Farm and be the link between the farm and the kitchen! Ensure farm-fresh food makes its way into the mouths and bellies of our camp community. This position is dynamic and works with both the farm team planting and harvesting and the kitchen team delivering produce and composting. Prior experience farming required.


Culinary Arts Specialist

Take the campers of Eden Village West on culinary adventures that utilize farm fresh food! This position will be responsible for developing our culinary curriculum, teaching safe and effective cooking techniques, and managing other staff to implement programming. Requires coordination with the farm and kitchen teams.


Forest Village Specialist

Design and lead programs for campers to learn learn wilderness skills including fire-by-friction and fire tending, whittling, archery, shelter building, wild edibles, cordage, awareness games, and more.


Music & Yahadut Specialist

Bring the joy of song and Jewish tradition to life at camp this summer! This position will hold a number of responsibilities: song leader, teaching music, coordinating Shabbat and Havdalah, and more!


Woodworking Specialist

Guide campers as they create art, tools, instruments, and more in the camp wood shop. Must have experience with woodworking, both hand and power tools, and have experience working with kids.


Pottery Specialist

Camp sports a pottery studio complete with a kiln, multiple wheels, and hand tools. Help our campers create some clay magic this summer!


Herbalism Specialist

Design and lead educational programs for campers to identify herbs, make tinctures, teas, salves, soaps, lotions, and syrups with herbal medicinal properties. Requires coordination with the farm team.


Aquatics Director

Oversee the river and pool program; supervise lifeguards. Current waterfront lifeguard, First Aid, CPR and AED certifications required; current WSI preferred.



Work with the Aquatics Director and other lifeguards to ensure our campers safely enjoy the beauty and magnificence of the Russian River, as well as our camp pool! Requires current certifications and single-minded focus on safety while working.


Wellness Staff

Registered Nurse

Oversee the health of our campers and staff. Our ideal nurse will be excited by the fact that there’s a medicinal herb garden just outside the health center. We are looking for a nurse to work the whole summer, as well as nurses to work in two-week intervals.


Kitchen Staff

Sous Chef

Requires 2+ years of experience in a kitchen. An ideal candidate has absolute passion for cooking, is detail oriented, and can manage multiple projects in a kitchen. You will work in a team to prepare and organize three organic and locally grown meals, made from scratch, each day. This is hard work, and in many ways, the most important work at camp.



Supervise Kashrut throughout camp, in accordance with our Kosher certifier (Chai Kosher). Must be Shomer Shabbat. Requires prior experience.


Prep Cook

An incredible experience for people who have experience in a kitchen and are looking to improve their food preparation skills.



Be part of our dynamic kitchen team and keep our kitchen clean and organized. You are an instrumental part of the camp community!



Eden Village West bakes all our own bread. Make fresh bread daily and challah for shabbat. Bring your creativity to the kitchen! There is room to experiment with different varieties of bread, vegan, and gluten free baking.


Farm-To-Table Coordinator

Be the link between the farm and the kitchen and ensure farm-fresh food makes its way into the mouths and bellies of our camp community. This position is dynamic and works with both the farm team planting and harvesting and the kitchen team delivering produce and composting. Prior experience farming or composting a plus but not required.


Leadership & Administrative Staff


Document the magic of camp and maintain camp’s online media presence during the summer.


Office Manager

Be the face of camp! The office manager corresponds with parents, manages travel, billing, forms, registration, and more. Outstanding interpersonal and organizational skills required.


Camper Care Specialist

Work closely with our counselors to support the needs of all campers. Perfect for someone with a big heart who is able to communicate well with parents and staff, and work one-on-one with campers. Requires stellar listening and communication skills. Training in child development, MSW, MFT, or MA preferred. Perfect for a graduate student looking for supervised summer hours.


Program Coordinator

Supervises and supports our program specialists in delivering an amazing program infused with earth-based Jewish inspiration. Participates in pre-season programmatic visioning and curriculum development. Must have programming experience, creativity, and be extremely organized.

Be A Mentor

The staff at Eden Village are musicians, farmers, artists, ecologists, activists, educators and lovers of life who have demonstrated strong skills in working with children through prior experience. We want YOU to join our team!