Our Values

Any place where our values and our actions meet, something special is bound to happen.


We model and teach reverence for the earth’s systems, and awareness of the social systems of which we are a part. Our campers experience the power of creating change, individually and as part of a group, and learn how things work: our local ecosystems, our food system, how to thrive in the outdoors, how to transform interpersonal conflicts. Their self-esteem grows in step with their awareness and awe for the interconnectedness of all creation.

Pure & Natural

We’re committed to maintaining a small environmental footprint and promoting healthy lifestyles, from our almost-entirely vegetarian kitchen to the all-organic products we use in our kitchen, cleaning, and laundry.

Culture of Kindness

As we recognize each person as b’tzelem Elohim – created in the image of the Divine – we celebrate the unique gifts of each individual and work to help these gifts emerge and shine. We create safe, loving communities where each person is appreciated.

Love Your Neighbor

We live, work and play together in a Jewishly diverse, multi-generational community. Our campers become leaders through shared responsibility for our animals, farm and communal spaces. Campers both receive and offer mentorship, as we honor the innate wisdom of every age group.

Edge Experiences

For humans as much as for plants, growth occurs at the edges. Challenging experiences push us past our comfort zones and allow us to cultivate self-confidence, discover our gifts, and forge resilient friendships.

Nature Connection + Earth Stewardship

Our tradition teaches that humans have a unique responsibility as caretakers for the larger community of life. As we deepen our love and awareness of the more-than-human world, we are inspired to protect it, and increasingly capable of doing so.

Inclusive Community

In all ecological systems, diversity supports resilience. We appreciate the resilience and beauty that emerges from our diversity – in our families’ backgrounds, structures, Jewish traditions, economic situations and more.

Creative Living

As active co-creators — not merely consumers — we nurture personal health, vibrant culture and ecological well-being.

Values That Don't Bend to Convenience

This is not “organics whenever possible.” Keeping our high standards is always possible, because we’re 100% committed to them. We adjust our menus as needed.

No ``Body Talk``

While at camp, we take a break from commenting on our own or others’ appearance or clothes. This clears time and energy for what we most want to do: play, build friendships, explore our gifts, grow our skills, and have fun together.

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